Once you made your booking, you can proceed to the payment with the credit card.
When you pay with the credit card, you are direct on the Intesa San Paolo Bank website where you have to put your credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to pay the deposit. You are on a protected website, so you can put your credit card details safely. You have to write your credit card numbers, the expiry date and the Credit Validation Value or CVV, which are the last 3 digits that you find on the back of your card and it’s done. In a few seconds your deposit will be paid and your booking will be confirmed.

If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address and we will be pleased to help you. It’s our purpose to offer you relax and entertainment in our hotels at the lowest fares and with the less effort.
Relying exclusively on low cost air carriers from several European countries and on special agreements within Italy, Aurum Hotels is able to offer flights and transfers at exceptionally good prices. Our packages “flight & transfer” can easily be booked online. As flights can be booked only together with the hotel, first a hotel reservation has to be made, but, nevertheless, it is possible to check availability and flight prices in the section “flight and transfer” on our website beforehand. Our packages include flight, tax, and transfer to and from the hotel. The booking procedure is basically the same as for the hotel booking.

The same procedure is valid for the payment of the balance. Once you paid the balance, you can print the confirmation letter that you have to sign, bring with you and leave at the reception the day of your arrival.

There isn’t much to explain here: just enter the booking section on our website and follow the instructions: it takes just a few mouse clicks to complete your booking. Two important suggestions: check carefully that all your details are correct (read them twice before pressing the OK button), and, once you have completed your booking, don’t forget to write your booking reference number down which enables you to check your booking any time on our website or to book our package “ flight & transfer” together or to pay the deposit and the balance. All together in just 3 mouse clicks and in less than a minute your holiday is booked – at a price you’ll hardly find anywhere else on the market.

Aurum Hotels invites its customers to book online.
In 2008, on a scale of 10 Aurum customers, 8 of them booked online with no problems.
Booking online saves time and money by avoiding phone costs and waiting loops. Besides you have the chance to monitorise prices, options, offers and you can take advantage of our new service called “ Find the best price” with special offers for one week stay and weekends. In 2008 a fee of £ 11 has been introduced for those who book on the phone, in order to encourage our customers to book online.
When you book online you also have the chance to receive a confirmation in real time, so no wasting time and no worries.
Booking online is simple and very fast and remember: if you have any problem you can always ask for assistance sending an e-mail at the e-mail address:

Deposit (20%) is not refundable and will be kept as cancellation fee in case of cancellation. If you have to cancel your booking for any reason don’t forget to check our “Aurum Buy & Sell” service to sell your booking again at the price that you want and maybe you can even earn some money. For any detail, you can have a look at the “Aurum Buy & Sell” guide.

Booking with Aurum Hotels and now with the new Aurum 2009 E-commerce is even simpler and the confirmation times are quicker. You just have to follow the hints during the procedure of booking and in few mouse clicks your booking is confirmed. When you pay the deposit with your credit card, the confirmation is immediate. But if you don’t like Internet, you can still call our call center that will assist you for free if you want to book online or it will book on your place sending you the forms by fax or by e-mail just like last year, but in this way there will be an extra £11 fee to be paid.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

Our booking procedure has been created following three aspects that we consider fundamental:
Transparency, Simplicity and Saving money if you book online.

Each booking made online or through our call center gives the customer a booking form that shows all the details and the terms of sell of its booking. It’s a very simple page where you can find all the details of your booking (type of room, kind of arrangement, the duration of your holiday), cancellation fees, conditions, information about how to pay the deposit. Before proceeding with the payment, the system will ask you to accept the terms of sell that you have to read carefully before accepting them. After that, you can pay the deposit. Your booking can be monitorised all the time through the “customer area” where you can have fully access to your booking just putting your reference number and your e-mail address. You can also make the payments, find information about how to book a flight or a bus and try the new Aurum Buy and Sell.